Ages Of Skincare

Written by Marktavious Edwards, 2 years ago, 0 Comments

Skincare in your 20’s

The 20’s is when most of us have our finest complexion.  As our hormones start to level out and the teenage acne clears we notice just how resilient the skin is.  It is seemingly able to stand almost anything and easily return to its glowing, healthy state.  At this age the naturally occurring resilience of the skin will cause many to believe that “no maintenance” is the way to go.  Instead of “no maintenance”, consider “low maintenance”.  The fact is that the skin (for most) is in really good condition and the goal should be to preserve that as long as possible.  A basic cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer and sunscreen should do the trick for you.  If you are one of the unfortunate people  like myself who carry that teenage acne on into your 20’s then you may incorporate an acne treatment in addition to “the basics”.  Everyone at this time should consider regular facials at least once a month to make sure there’s no build up of oils, bacteria or dead skin cells and to give your skin the love that it needs to assure absorption of your skincare products.  These are the party years and I’d be crazy to believe that you’d actually STOP drinking and eating fast food because I said so. However you should definitely consider how often you’re consuming  these foods and substances because it will catch up to you as you move into your 30’s and beyond…some of you may already be seeing the first signs of fines lines and wrinkles.  Consider adding preventative anti-aging treatments into your regimen or treatment plan.


Skincare in your 30’s

Congrats!  You may have made it to your 30’s without any visible effects of the bad habits you picked up during your younger years.  While the occasional night out still happens, at this age you definitely see (and feel!) the results of smoking, excessive alcohol, junk foods, and lack of exercise much more than you did before.  All of these things will show on the skin in the form of wrinkles, adult acne, or a lackluster oxygen deprived complexion.  Continue those regular facials and if you aren’t using sunscreen it’s a necessity at this point.  Worst case, you’ve already developed tons of sun damage that’s just lying below the surface of your skin waiting to peak its ugly head and because of this, the 30’s are the perfect time to step up your treatments.  If you haven’t already, consider medium depth peels to help combat the soon to come sun damage.  If you have not yet incorporated vitamin a (retinol) serum or moisturizer into you daily regimen, this is a great way to help your skin cells turnover faster (bring new healthy skin cells to the surface) and prevent the formation of dark spots, acne, and wrinkles!  Some opt for small amounts of botox at this age to help slow the aging process.  Don’t feel pressured – it’s not for everyone.  Eye creams become essential as will  products with peptides and matrixyl which help to maintain the skins suppleness and integrity.  If you’ve continued through your 30’s without sun protection and anti-aging products, your 40’s will be the years of “realization”.


Skincare in your 40’s

As promised, you will now truly begin to see the benefit (or setbacks) of years of great, or not so great, skin care.  The most common concerns of those in their 40’s are uneven skintone, an increase of fine line and wrinkle formation, and a rapid decrease of radiant and healthy appearance of skin.  Treatment of these issues at this age may be more aggressive and definitely more expensive.  Even if you were good with skincare in the past you may still see a fine line or dark spot from time to time but far less frequently than those who have not.  Remember that we can never stop chronological aging.  Our goal is to prevent it from happening as quickly.  The benefit for those who have practiced good skincare when younger is that it will take fewer (and more affordable) treatments to correct whatever concerns you have. At this age peptides and retinol will be your best friend.  Your skin type may be changing so seek help from a dermatologist or esthetician when it comes to product selection.  For my late bloomers looking for a quick fix, chemical peels and lasers will help regenerate the skin pretty quickly and from there you should adopt a solid skin regimen to carry you on into your 50’s and beyond.  Sunscreen will prevent any more sun damage from happening which is very important because your skin will grow increasingly thin as you move into your 50’s which means that aggressive lasers and peels may not be any option any longer (this varies from person to person).


Skincare in your 50’s and beyond

The years of topical dryness.  If you’ve always had dry skin (as a skin type) then you dominate these years because you’re already educated on staying hydrated, but for others – get a bottle of hyaluronic acid serum and a retinol night time moisturizer and you’ll be fine.  A lot of what you may be experiencing is topical dryness.  This means your skin type is not considered dry (lacking oil) but the top layers of your skin are dry (lacking water) which may cause some peeling and irritation even if you still have oily skin.   All skin, whether dry or oily will benefit from a hyaluronic acid serum.  Although “acid” is in the name, this ingredient is generally non-irritating.  Hyaluronic is able to hold 1,000 times its weight in water so when it’s applied to the skin, topical hydration is instantly boosted.  If you didn’t explore the wonders of facial oils before, now is a great time.  It only takes a small amount to hydrate the entire face (literally 4 drops).  If you’re oily but still want to reap the benefits of hydrating oils, simply add a drop or 2 to your favorite night time moisturizer as a hydration booster.  Recently I’ve discovered retinol oils which give you the benefits of a retinol but in an oil based carrier which helps to calm any irritation that may be caused by the retinol.  From this point on, your regimen should require very little tweaking.  The skin will continue to grow thin but the complexion doesn’t have to be compromised.  Stay true to your regimen and don’t let your years of hard work go to waste.