Lift Oxygen Treatment!

Written by Marktavious Edwards, 2 years ago, 0 Comments

With summer approaching we’re all gearing up for  lots of exciting events and vacations!  Because of the hot summer weather in Texas we retire our deep chemical peels and turn to our treatments that provide instant gratification and rejuvenation so that we walk into every venue with a radiant glow.

Not everyone has acne or discoloration so not everyone needs chemical peels and other more aggressive treatments – I get it!  So next month we are introducing a new ultra hydrating and oxygenating treatment that will have you  radiant and glowing at all of your summer time events!  The O2 Lift Treatment is considered a red carpet must have by medical professionals and estheticians worldwide.  O2 Lift uses all-natural, paraben-free ingredients to achieve results – fruit, oxygen, botanicals and plant stem cells are the key components of this treatment and  you will have absolutely NO DOWNTIME, just fresh, supple skin prepared for whatever the evening brings!

In true Edwards Truth fashion we decided to step the treatment up more by incorporating Jet Peel Hydrotherapy into this already refreshing treatment.  Jet Peel Hydrotherapy is like an oxygenating pressure wash for your face.  With jet peel we can remove dead skin cells, makeup, and dirt from the pores while infusing nourishing ingredients deep into the skin.  Keep reading for more details about this exciting treatment.


Step 1 Oil Cleanse
We begin the treatment with a thorough oil cleansing.  Through the use of oils we can remove all makeup and sebum from the  surface of the skin.  This will assure proper product absorption as we move into the use of treatments products.

Step 2 Gel to Milk Cleanser
The cleanser begins as  a thick gel and turns into warm hydrating milk which gently cleanses the skin without stripping or drying.  It is massaged into the face and neck and removed with a warm compress or warm towels infused with essential oils.

Step 3 Jet Peel
The jet peel will further cleanse and exfoliate the skin while beginning the hydrating and oxygenating portion of the treatment.  The jet peel is similar to a high pressure wash for your face.  The infusion of oxygen and nourishing ingredients into the skin create a camera ready plumping effect.

Step 4 Enzymatic Exfoliation
Ever played Pacman?  These fruit enzymes work like little “pacmen” eating away at dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.  The gel is massaged into  the skin for several minutes revealing  fresh, glowing skin below and creating a nice smooth canvas.

Step 5 Oxygenating Mask
This mask begins as a gel and  turns into a bubbling foam as oxygenation occurs.  Oxygen  instantly boosts skins radiance, speeds up healing and circulation by bringing nutrition to the skin, fights toxins and reduces stress!  Now the skin is fully prepared for the final steps of this treatment.

Step 6 Stem Cell Booster
High doses of stem cells, botanicals and vitamin c are massaged into the skin as a form of rejuvenation, repair and protection.  A moisturizer suitable for your skin is applied and the treatment will come to an end while the effects of the treatment are just beginning.